Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

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Many people will say are you crazy and I generally say "why not"?  Reiki is not there to be used strictly used for us and we should never forget that.  It's energy is a universal one so it can we be used on animals, crystals, plants etc.  For me the only difference with animals is that they can't ask for it in a way that we do and you probably won't be able to use the same hand positions as we would use on people.

So how and why am I so confident of this?

Well let me tell you a little true story which happened to me when Debs and I were down in New Zealand;

'One night I was meditating down stairs when all of a sudden a horse was talking to me and telling me that it was going to be ill if it laid on the ground that evening as it was cold, raining and the middle of winter.  Yes I know what you are going to say next and don't worry there have been many occasions where I thought that I was completely mad as well!  Anyway, I came out of the meditation and went upstairs to get my keys; I remember saying to Debs that I had to go out and I would be back but not sure when.  She looked at me and said be safe.  Now this is the first time that I had ever done something like this and probably the last time as well to date.

horse reiki

I drove out of the Brown's Bay and started driving in the complete darkness down an 'A' road.  Suddenly a voice said to me that I had gone too far and I needed to turn around.  So I did a U turn and went back about 1/2 a mile and then stopped.  Imagine this; there was nothing around bar a wooden picket fence and then I noticed a silver box on it.  I realised that it was an intercom but couldn't see a house or any sign of horses.  So I walked over the intercom and my stomach immediately sank.  I thought to myself I am going to get locked up and what do I say to these people etc.... Well eventually I plucked up the courage to press the button and I secretly hoped that no one would answer.  However, a few seconds passed and all of a sudden a voice came back and said hello.  Imagine the next few minutes if you would as I explained who I was, what I had been doing and whether they had a brown horse out in the field tonight which didn't have a horse blanket on and a white flash down it's nose.  Are you still with me?  Well, the voice came back to me over the intercom and they simply said "wait there please"!!!  Now by now I was imaging all sorts, a family coming up with a shot gun, the police car pulling up or even a nice warm padded cell for the night!  All of the sudden there were car lights coming up to me and the gate which I hadn't seen opened.  A man and a woman stood before me and told me that what I had said was true!  They asked me to wait as they went to fetch the horse and eventually they brought the horse up from the fields below.  I left shortly after that and went home to explain to Debs what had happened!"


horse reiki chakra


So what has this got to do with Reiki and animals you ask?  I believe that the exercise taught me that we are all connected and animals need our help as much as we need theirs.  I know that I had an influence in what happened to that horse that night and I don't regret going out in the middle of the night even though it could have turned out very differently.

I guess before this happened to me I always felt connected to animals and of course back then I hadn't even touched Reiki.  So where am I now with this; well I know that any chance I get to reach out to animals I am there.  Of course you know when animals need Reiki as they come to you.  I try to give Reiki to my dog every day but he just looks at me and gives me the eye as if to say "look I don't need it".  However, try this yourself:

If you have a pet at home, close your eyes and think about the Reiki energy coming down through your Crown chakra, into your Heart chakra and then out through your hands.  Of course make sure you firmly ground yourself first and protect yourself.  Next imagine the Reiki universal energy being channelled through you and see what effects you have on your pet.  Once you have done this come back to me and let me know what you sensed.

One of the most amazing evidential things which happened to me recently was on the 29th March 2012; we had been experiencing a really hot couple of days and I walked into our utilty room in the house and notice a butterfly which looked as though it had had it's winged torn to bits and was ready to give up.  The butterfly allowed me to pick it up and I put it in front of me; straight away my right hand started to tingle, although I must say in a way that I hadn't felt before.  I closed my eyes as I always do and allowed the Reiki energy to flow through my Head Chakra, into my Heart Chakra and out through the Chakras in my palms.  I must of stayed there for just a few minutes and when I opened my eyes again the butterfly was flying around the room trying to get out.  Now you could say that maybe the heat from my hands had woken the butterfly up, but the room was already warm and I didn't think that the butterfly would be able to fly because of the damage to it's wings.  I was completely amazed as I alway am and overjoyed to see the very little thing fly again.

I am going to leave this for now as I am interested in whether you found this article useful or not?

More to come in the days, months and years to come........  By the way if you would like me to treat your pet or animal please let me know and I will gladly help just call me today.

Mediumship and Psychic Ability

I have been asked to write about 'Mediumship' and what I consider it to be and how I may be able to help those people who need to know more about it; however, I would be interested in what you think as well so please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So what do I consider mediumship to be?  Well, first of all I think that it's the ability to understand and use all five of your six senses i.e. touch, hearing, smell, taste and sight, even before you get to the sixth sense.  Secondly, we are all born with psychic ability and some of us are able to connect with guides, family, friends and other spirits on the other side and this for me is the sixth sense.  Put them all together and you potentially have the ability to connect all of your six senses.


Now before I go any further it is vitally important that you make sure that you are in good health and that you have been able to quiet you own mind either by just sitting quietly or meditating.before you try mediumship.  Also, I would never recommend that you try mediumship on your own until you are comfortable (this could be weeks, months, years as we all develop at different speeds i.e. we are all born different and therefore we all have different abilities when it comes to mediumship) and instead look for a good medium, circle or spiritualist church to teach you about the basics and guide you through.  A big no no is taking alcohol or drugs prior to doing any mediumship as you are not fully in control..



Okay so you've found a medium/circle/spiritualist church to help you and you've probably read all of the good mediums books like Tony Stockwell, John Edwards, James van Pragh and Gordon Smith.  Also, if you were anything like me you went out and bought cards, crystals (very nice), incense etc and probably spent a small fortune on stuff.  At this point I am going to tell you something which I wish someone had told me and that is STOP!  Before you do anything else, I want you to ask yourself one question and that is "why do you want to be a developing medium"?  If your answer is that you think that it will be fantastic to impress your friends at the next party then STOP reading this right now!  If however, your answer is that you want to help others who were are in pain because they have lost someone what they loved and are still in pain, or didn't get a chance to say what they needed to before someone passed then READ ON.




So where do I start I hear you saying.  First of all I want you to know that this isn't a race and it's not all going to come to you in one sitting unless you are particularly lucky.  Let me remind you again about the fact that we are all born differently so we therefore learn differently as well.  This is easy for me to say this as when I first started I used to get really frustrated and couldn't understand why I wasn't as good as Joe or Sandy etc.  Over time though I have realised that I had to do my apprenticeship first and guess what?  I am still learning even now and the only difference is I have more patience now.  Also, please do not try to force the issue and you may get certain Mediums or Psychics saying you are either a Medium or Psychic and then you go home and guess what; nothing happens.




Before we go any further I know that you will try and give reading yourself even before I go any further but let me please give you the basics first.

So the first thing I want you to do is to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes.  The next part is I want you to sit or lie down (which ever is comfortable for you).  Once you have done this I want you to imagine a bubble which surrounds you and fill it with white (this is to protect you from any negative energy).  Ideally you should try and imagine the bubble extends about 10 inches above your head and 10 inches below your feet.  Having done that I would then ask you to imagine roots growing down from your feet which extends into the earth or ground beneath your feet.  If you are not a visual person then try and imagine a cloak or a suit of armour; for the roots just know that the intention of them going through your feet is enough.  There are some Mediums who don't believe that you need to do the above; personally I do so it is entirely up to you as to who you trust and believe in.  Having completed that part I now just want you to close your eyes and relax.  Breathe in for a count of 7, hold for 1 and then release for 7.  If you can do this for 3 repetitions without entering your mind then you are well on your way; if you can't keep going until such a time that you can.  The main aim here is for you to relax and to allow you to clear your mind.  Don't try and do anything else until you have mastered this bit.

If you did manage to clear your mind then I want you to relax even further and just focus on your breathing and take note of the feelings which you have i.e. what can you smell, what can you see if even though you have your eyes shut, are there any physical sensations, are there any particular tastes which come to you and finally what do you hear?  Don't try and force it, just let it come to you and don't be frightened; there isn't anything which will hurt you and you are not going to get possessed or anything as you are in control and you are not open at this stage.  Once you have completed this for about 20 minutes and don't worry if it's longer or shorter I want you to come out of the meditation nicely, pull up the roots and keep the bubble/cloak or suit of armour around you.  What did you sense?  Please make a note of what you received and don't worry if you didn't receive anything or you just fell asleep.  Afterall, the first bit that we must learn is about relaxing and resting our minds so that we are able to understand the sensations which we receive.  Don't forget to drink pure water once you have completed this and keep a journal of your feelings over a two week period.

Once you have completed this, we can then go onto the next bit which is something I had wished I knew about ages ago.