Be careful who you tell and what you write on the internet

As you can probably gather I have embraced the modern culture of the internet and I am personally not afraid of standing behind my beliefs; however, I must let you know that we really do need to be careful when mixing what you do in work versus out!

I have learned that the internet is a powerful tool and I love the fact that you can reach out to so many people around the world; however, I have learned that sometimes this can come back to bite you.  

People can use what you put on the internet to disadvantage you and poke fun at what it is that you do; they do it through ignorance I think as they unfortunately don't look at the context of the article or the 'You Tube' clip (you will have noticed that I have taken mine down from the site now because of this which I think is really sad; I'm already hearing lots of you saying "why did you do that!")

So the message today is to be careful of what you do and how you do it.  You see the modern life still holds Reiki and Mediumship as taboo; even in the UK the government have now stipulated that in order to teach Reiki you need to have formally taken a teaching course.  

This for me is no big deal as I can see the benefits of doing this; however, I just don't have the time to stop and do another course; as a result this now means that people are looking for accredited teachers.  

Anyway, I know that one day i will do this but just not now. Another area that you need to be cognisant of is the question of practicing Reiki on yourself; this is a key area that I forget to do.  

It's the classic tale of a person who is happy to pass Reiki onto others but forgets themselves.  Sadly, as a result I ran across this recently on Facebook; my cousin was telling me that he had 'Man Flu' (you know that deadly epidemic that cripples us guys); now I find that when I am ill I cannot treat myself so I mistakenly put on FB that I have been ill for 21 days!  

Yes you did hear that right and my cousins wife wrote back to say 'should you practice Reiki on yourself; LMAO'.  Of course she's right but again she used it to make fun as I had previously tried to encourage her to see a Reiki practitioner. So my friends I leave you with just these final words; watch what you put on the internet if you have a professional day job and don't forget to give yourself Reiki if you are a practicing professional.

Love and light always, Glenn x

Reiki and Divorce

What a bizarre title I here you ask; however, I know that Reiki is exactly what is needed if you are going through a Divorce or you have been through one and you are still living with the pain of separation (no one is immune from this).  

How do I know this, well I am a divorcee (that said, I am now thankfully married to a beautiful woman who is my soul mate) and recently I realized that if you have every been through a Divorce how much anger, hostility and pain you retain (no matter which side or parties are involved).  I might add that I have dealt with all of this and it wasn't until I was speaking to someone that I know yesterday did it suddenly hit me how much Reiki can help.

If you recall or didn't know, three of the founding principles in Reiki are "Today I will not worry" and "Today I will not anger" and "Today I will count my many blessings"; underpinning all of this of course is the Reiki energy.  We hold so much within ourselves in our Chakra centres and it doesn't take very much to throw them off.  Re-balancing the Chakra's can once again give you clarity and peace; I know that you may not believe this but it does.  It also starts you down the road of self healing.   My own Divorce wasn't pretty and I just wish that I could have found Reiki back then; that said I don't think that I would have been able to help now.

So if you are going through the torment of a Divorce, why not look for a registered Reiki Teacher/Practitioner today and regain yourself back again.  They say a leopard can never change it's spots; I don't believe this and I know that it can.

Don't take my word on this; try it first and let me know.

Love and light,

Glenn x

Reiki and Fibromyalgia

My cousin’s wife has been suffering for a long while with Fibromyalgia (a widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder for which the cause of pain is still unknown) and I didn’t know until recently.  To date I have not had a client who suffers with this complaint, so you can imagine as a Reiki Master Teacher I needed to know if any of my peers had used Reiki and what their success rate was like.  So I posted a comment on the Linkedin Group – Reiki and Mediumship Combined and Reiki Healers Worldwide.

Firstly, I was stunned by the response and I would like to personally thank Christine Moss, Janice Chin-Worme, Susan Shining Light Healing, Roberta R Barnes, Walter Harris, Connie Patton, Carolyn Maloney, Joanna Serpanos, Tricia Lyle-Stirling and many others who responded.

Secondly, here is what I found out.  Most of the comments came back with a positive response to Reiki being used to help alleviate and in some cases eradicate the pain over a period of time.  That said, I must balance this statement against some things which need to be addresses in addition to the Reiki sessions.  The root cause of many of the sufferers anguish and pain seemed to be one of two things:

1. Stress – We all know that stress is a major part of our life and how we deal with this issue depends on what our body, aura and soul hold onto.  All of the comments which came back pointed to stress or the holding onto stress as the major issue.  By using Reiki on a regular basis we can rebalance the chakra energy centres, relax the client and help them to release the stress on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.  Also, on several occasions it appears that the practitioners have actually taught the client to use Reiki themselves.

2. Diet – Another common area seemed to be where sugar and wheat were incorporated into the diet so when these items were cut-out (check with your Doctor first) things improved.  In addition, (again please check with your Doctor) Malic Acid with Magnesium by Solary was used.

I sincerely hope that this blog helps you if you suffer with Fibromyalgia and please feel free to reach out to me or my peers if we can help further.

Love and light,

Glenn x

Reiki attunements over the Internet

p>Dear all,

There has been a really good debate on Linkedin regarding Reiki attunements over the Internet and I wanted to make sure that you had access to this if you are interested.  Therefore, please access the following link (not sure if you will have to join Linkedin though).

The link is:


Love and light,


Living on the edge - Aerosmith

I bet you were wondering what I was going to write about when you saw the title of this blog? Over the course of the last few years I must have listened to this song a million times (slight exageration but you know what I mean); the other day I was driving to a meeting in Manchester (UK) and suddenly the words jumped out to me.

My wife who is a massive Aerosmith fan told me that Steven Tyler was very spiritual and I guess that watching the last Pop Idol (America) you can see it to a certain degree.

This song really sums up the world today in a few parts of the lyrics i.e. :

"There's somethin' wrong with the world today I don't know what it is Something's wrong with our eyes
We're seeing things in a different way And God knows it ain't His It sure ain't no surprise
We're livin' on the edge We're livin' on the edge We're livin' on the edge We're livin' on the edge
There's somethin' wrong with the world today The light bulb's gettin' dim There's meltdown in the sky
If you can judge a wise man By the color of his skin Then mister you're a better man that I
We're livin' on the edge You can't help yourself from fallin' Livin' on the edge You can't help yourself at all Livin' on the edge You can't stop yourself from fallin' Livin' on the edge
Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion Complication - aggravation Is getting to you"

Now this may not hit you between the eyes as it did with me; however, I would ask you to listen to this song and see if you received what I did. I would be very interested in your thoughts and what messages you received.

All the very best,

Glenn x